The Sun Down Motel

If you like murder mysteries and ghost stories, this is your book.

I give it four stars.

Simone St. James‘ “The Sun Down Motel” was a Book of the Month club selection and I, judging a book by the cover, totally wanted to read it because of the cover. (I love old Americana 1960s-style motels- not staying in them, just looking at them.)

The story is about a woman, the night clerk at the Sun Down Motel in a remote city in upstate New York, who goes missing without a trace in 1982. Thirty five years later, her niece goes looking for her. She accepts a night clerk position at the Sun Down Motel, and things start getting weird. The Sun Down Motel is like two books in one, with chapters alternating between the aunt’s perspective in 1982 and the niece’s perspective in 2018.

This story is 326 pages and a page-turner.

If you enjoy watching Dateline or Snapped, this is definitely for you. I normally don’t like scary books, but this was just scary enough to feel satisfying without compromising my ability to sleep.


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