The Most Fun We Ever Had

I read The Most Fun We Ever Had because Elin Hilderbrand told me to.

Sort of.

I read it because at Hilderbrand’s signing tour for her new book, What Happens in Paradise, at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa in October, someone in the audience asked her the best book she read in 2019, and Hilderbrand said it was Claire Lombardo‘s “The Most Fun We Ever Had.”

So I had to read it. I love Elin Hilderbrand. If she loved this book, then I would love this book.

Sadly, I did not love this book.

I didn’t hate the book, I just didn’t love it. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.

The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had is a family drama that spans four decades. It takes place in Chicago and involves ta family with four daughters who are all a hot mess. I mean, we are all hot messes, but these chicks are on fire. They are selfish, narcissistic, materialistic, dishonest, and irresponsible. I consider myself a “girls-girl” and did not feel connected with any of the main characters.

Pros: the book was entertaining and the writing was strong- Lombardo is witty and has a great vocabulary.

Cons: the length- it was over 500 pages. Lombardo- likely aware of her great vocabulary- was verbose. What could have been said in 350 pages ended up being 500 pages. I’m a mom with a career and a household to run- I wish Lombardo would have tightened up because less is usually always more. Another con was that I didn’t like any of the characters except the husband and the love child of one of the daughters. It’s difficult to get through a book when you can’t stand the people you’re reading about.

Anyone else read this? What say ye?


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