Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Indigo Mattress

Get a better night sleep with the indigo mattress | The Champagne Supernova

This blog post is sponsored by Indigo Sleep. All opinions are my own and I legit love this mattress and sleep on it every night.

Bid adieu to sleepless nights!

I’ve had insomnia for years. Years. Not to mention I also use the bed in the guest room as a “work station”- no wonder it’s hard for me to get a good night’s rest.

We’ve needed to get rid of the guest room bed for years. I bought it when I graduated law school in 2007 from a college student on Craigslist (eew!) and over the years, the bed started sagging in the middle. My poor house guests who had to sleep on it! It made me realise how important it is to have a high quality hybrid mattress! Just because I didn’t sleep on it every night didn’t mean that my guests had to suffer.

My husband and I looked everywhere to find a suitable mattress for the guest room, which included in-store shopping and conducting online research. A friend of mine recommended something like a full size mattress that she looked into and purchased. She didn’t look back. I found a lot of information about beds that came in a box, but the idea seemed foreign and illogical to me. I thought “how could a bed that comes rolled out in a box actually provide support for my back?”

Then I found out about Indigo Sleep, tested the mattress for several weeks, and loved it. Best of all, it comes with TWO interchangeable support layers you can switch out, depending on your needed level of support.

get a good night sleep on the Indigo Sleep mattress | The Champagne Supernova

Let me provide some background.

Indigo Sleep is a start-up company located in Tampa, Florida. While there are tons of mattress-in-a-box providers, Indigo is different because the company is focused on providing healthy, comfortable, and premium sleep.

Indigo Sleep‘s mattresses are made in the USA at a family-owned factory in North Carolina. Indigo offers free shipping and returns, as well as a 100-night trial and money back guarantee. If you don’t LOVE your mattress, Indigo Sleep will take it back for a full refund. Not partial refund. FULL REFUND.

get a good night's rest with Indigo Sleep bed in a box | The Champagne Supernova

Patented technology makes Indigo the only mattress that never needs to be replaced.

The Indigo comfort layers are designed with two distinct comfort options in one
mattress, suited to help back pain. Having the right mattress when you have back pain, could be the difference between a good night’s sleep or a poor one. Those who find themselves suffering from a spinal condition such as scoliosis would find a mattress that shapes and protect their spine beneficial to them. Finding out as much as you can about a mattress type or brand when you have a spinal disorder or chronic back pain, would do wonders. However, if you are unsure you might want to get in touch with your orthopedic doctor or somewhere similar to the scoliosis institute so you have more information. The choice is yours. Simply pop the cover and flip your comfort layer from the soft and supportive gel memory foam (blue side) to a firmer
specially engineered foam (white side). There are certainly benefits to having a memory foam mattress. For more benefits of Memory Foam check out this article from The Dozy Owl. In the Queen size and up, you get two comfort layers so that you and your partner can each choose the bed feel you prefer. No more
compromise when it comes to comfort!

I have the Luxury mattress, which contains a 2″ premium Oeko Tek Class 1 Certified Latex which is the highest rating available, suitable for babies and 2″ of denser memory foam. The foam components in ALL of Indigo Sleep’s beds are made to the CertiPUR-US specifications. All layers are supported by a 6″ base layer of dense memory foam.

Indigo Sleep‘s clean chemistry keeps you safe even when you’re asleep! The company leaves out harmful chemicals like modacrylic and fiberglass (gross- Google their dangers!) You can rest easy on the safest and cleanest materials possible on this mattress. The Luxury bed uses a Para-aramid fire barrier that firefighters use.

Bed in a box with Indigo Sleep | The Champagne Supernova

This mattress is designed to literally last a lifetime. Instead of replacing an entire mattress, you only have to replace the comfort layers which have a 5-7 year life expectancy. You can replace them at a fraction of the cost of the original purchase, saving you money and keeping parts of your mattress out of landfills.

Indigo‘s plush cover is so soft you won’t even want a sheet! Easily remove the cover to get to the inside of your mattress. You can even clean the inside of your mattress. Getting rid of built up allergens, dust-mites, and dead skin. CLEAN FREAKS REJOICE!

Indigo provides the highest-rated materials on the market, with no toxic chemicals. It’s
latex and cool gel memory foam layers have been noted for providing motion isolation
and eliminating chronic back, hip, and shoulder pain.

Indigo mattresses have the ability to literally open up your mattress so you can clean out the buildup of dust mites, skin particles, and allergens. (GROSS!) This provides better health and betters sleep!

Use coupon code SWEETDREAMS for $50 off any Classic mattress and LUXURYSLEEP for $150 off any Luxury mattress.

Cheers to a good night’s rest!


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