Saving Money: Why Ting Mobile Makes Perfect Sense

How Ting Mobile is a great way to save on your cell phone bill | The Champagne Supernova

This blog post is proudly sponsored by Ting Mobile. However, all opinions are the real deal.

I like saving money.

As a working parent, I work hard for my earnings and see them dwindle away so quickly each month to the point it would be beneficial to do surveys for cash when feeling a little stretched more than usual, but that’s why we try and save as well as we can right? To be honest these side hustles that people can embark on online to make a little extra cash is worth it for those that find themselves paycheck to paycheck.

Dance recitals. Tennis lessons. Gymnastics. Birthday parties. School uniforms. Doctor co-pays.

Sometimes I feel like The Bank of Mom. The thought of what to do when you need cash now may have crossed the minds of many of us. When there is so much that you want to buy or do and money is tight, it can be quite stressful. But this is where money management and savings come in handy.

As my monthly cell phone bill with my current provider is $150.00, I was excited about the opportunity to work with Ting Mobile and learn about their (extremely) low cost cellular services.

Low. Very low. Even if you are in the process of switching mobile providers, at least check out something like this Sprint coverage map will allow you to see how you may be able to improve your phone’s signal. This may be able to help you save more money too. Be sure to do your research though if you are not too sure about anything.

In fact, the base cost for Ting is $6 per month (you read that correctly!) for a phone line. Usage is shared across all devices. The more phones on a Ting account, the less you pay per phone.

Ting is pay-per-use, so you don’t have to sign up for any type of plan. Your usage during the month (phone minutes, text messages, and data) is what you pay for at the end of the month. What’s great is that minutes, messages, and data are all billed separately.

There are no contracts, overage fees, or other hidden B.S. (Pardon-a my French). You can try Ting for one month and leave the next month if you aren’t happy.

The vast majority (80%) of all phones manufactured in the last few years will work with Ting, so it’s likely the phone you already own is one of them. All you need is a Ting SIM card to get started. You can buy the phone from the Ting shop here (they are a verified seller of Apple iPhones!) or bring your own phone, based on your preference.

Ting has an easy-to-use phone compatibility checker you can use here so you can check RIGHT THIS MOMENT whether your phone will work with Ting.

Another great quality of Ting is that you don’t have to worry about having bad service. This is because Ting uses both Sprint and T-Mobile towers- you can choose the network that has better coverage in your area. In other words, Ting clients have identical network experience as people who are signed up directly with these carriers.

I can vouch firsthand this is completely accurate, as I used my Ting phone in a rural area of Georgia (along the Appalachian trial) earlier this month with zero coverage issues and complete service. High five, Ting!

How to save money using Ting Mobile | The Champagne Supernova

My littlest homey loves Ting!

Ting has also created an eBook on how to lower your data usage, which helps Ting customers save money on their monthly bills. Read it here.

One of my favorite things about Ting is their customer support involves calls that are actually answered by real, live people. No more having to press a series of numbers to get to the right department. Gone are the days of waiting on hold for twenty minutes to have your questions answered. Say adios to fruitlessly having to communicate with a computer.

I witnessed this personally when I called Ting last week after I was having (minor) issues setting up the Wifi on the iPhone 6 they sent to me. I was greeted by a friendly woman named Melissa on the second ring (!!) Melissa walked me through a couple steps to help troubleshoot the issue. She even called me back five minutes later to ensure there were still no issues.

You read that correctly. She called me back.

How is that amazing customer support for you?

(Check out Ting Mobile’s Youtube channel highlighting their bar-none customer service here.)

Another thing I love about trying Ting? When switching over from your carrier, you can keep your existing phone number.

You don’t need permission from your provider to keep the number. You just keep it.

That means you don’t have to waste precious time sending mass texts to all of your contacts notifying them that you have a new number.

(And nobody wants to be held hostage on a mass text, anyway.)

Setting up my Ting took five minutes. I got the new iPhone directly from Ting, activated the SIM card online, and set up the iPhone. Boom. Done.

Give it a try and find out why Ting is the mobile that makes sense.

Use the promotion code of and receive $25 off your bill. So you’re getting a month for free as the average bill is just $23 a month per phone.

Cheers to saving money! Cheers to Ting!


    2 Comments on Saving Money: Why Ting Mobile Makes Perfect Sense

    1. Reena @ The Lifestyle Enthusiast
      May 16, 2017 at 2:31 am (5 years ago)

      That is handy – it can be pretty overpriced otherwise! I wonder if this is also available in the U.K.?

    2. Anosa
      May 16, 2017 at 2:02 am (5 years ago)

      Ting sounds like the perfect mobile/network to be on, I too pay something ridiculous like £150 per month.