Small Businesses: What People Don’t Know


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The day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday.

I feel like I run two small businesses, aside from working full time in my regular career.

My husband has an engineering firm that he established when I was eight months pregnant with our oldest daughter (perfect timing- NOT!)

The blog is run as a business.

I understand the nuances of hiring employees and subcontractors, and ensuring you have the best HR systems set up for these employees like Zenefits or Gusto as well as the importance of having quality products to help make a best “first impression.”

In terms of hiring employees, you should be looking at things like remote onboarding ideas so that you can find the best talent for your business without having to physically be present for the background checks. This makes sure that you hire people quickly and efficiently, so you can carry on building your business with the best team behind you.

We use paper to print graphic designs, send proposal letters, make presentations, create marketing materials, and for general office letterhead. We’ve been considering moving over to the sorts of products you can find on this website ( as their signs, posters, car magnets and so on can really help to promote us in the local community.

Why is it important to think about your paper purchase? Ostensibly, it seems this doesn’t matter and that paper is one-size-fits all.


I judge people who use paper that appears cheap and flimsy.

Shallow, but true. (#keepingitreal)

For instance. Consider when you’re at the greeting card rack at Target. The quality of card you purchase depends on the recipient. Kids’ birthday party? Go with the .99 cent area because you know the kid won’t care about the poor quality and the card will be trashed (or lost) within two days of it being opened. It’s the thought that counts, right?

But what if you’re buying a sympathy card for a death? Or it’s Boss’s day? Then you go with the fancier Hallmark card with better texture and superior colors.

With printer paper, there is a clear difference in value and performance between the options on the shelf. If you do a lot of printing, it is important that you have a printer that is up to the job too. Sites like can be a great source when it comes to knowing what to look for.

Selecting the right paper can ensure the colors pop off the page, black ink doesn’t bleed to the other side, paper doesn’t jam in the printer (my personal pet peeve!), printed pages look amazing, and you get the most out of every single solitary sheet.

Don’t believe me about the quality of paper making a huge difference?

Here, I tested Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper against the Equivocal Hammermill product: Hammermill Premium Multipurpose. I received reams of both types of paper to touch, feel, and test.

While the differences are outlined below, what cannot be reflected in the photographs is that the POLARIS paper was slightly heavier than the competitor paper. A paper that is too sheer can not only make a document feel less sophisticated, but it can also make it impossible to print on both sides.


The POLARIS paper is on the right, and the Hammermill paper is on the left.


The POLARIS paper is on the right, and the Hammermill paper is on the left. I noticed the Hammermill paper is more see-through, while the ink appeared richer on the POLARIS paper.


The POLARIS paper is on the right, and the Hammermill paper is on the left. Notice the difference in the opacity of the paper and the richer appearance of ink on the POLARIS paper.

A few other perks about Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper: it carries a 99.0% jam-free performance guarantee that is certified by a third party, the Buyers Laboratory, Inc.. Further, it is available in three different weights, depending on your needs. It is made in the good ole’ U-S-of-A and is made from wood fibers that come from a sustainably-managed forest. Lastly, and my favorite, is that all paper packages include Box Tops for Education, so you can learn money for local schools while also getting a great printed document (read my blog post about Box Tops here).

Cheers for a great product and getting a lot of bang for your buck!


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