Gift Ideas: What Women Really Want

Gift ideas for women reflecting what women ACTUALLY want | The Champagne Supernova

My mother-in-law had a big birthday earlier this month, and I wanted to get her the perfect gift. Websites like definitely helped me in my search but I had to dig deeper.

I won’t tell her age.

But it rhymes with nifty.

(She’s my husband’s stepmom, so don’t bother doing the math. She didn’t have him when she was fourteen.)

I struggled to determine what I could get for her that she would truly enjoy.

She already has what she needs, and what she didn’t already have, she could go out and buy.


I didn’t want to cop out and get her a gift card.

I wanted to get her something that I, myself, would actually want as a gift. Perhaps something like a personalized name necklace would have been a good idea. However, not all women are that into jewelry.

So, here, my friends, are some of the best gifts that women actually want.

That they’re excited to get.

And all of them can easily be purchased online (click, click, boom!) or at your local Target. (Or online at Target, where shipping on purchased over $25 is free.)

The majority of products in the gift basket are from Beautycounter, where not only am I consultant, but I also legitimately use all of their products in my own daily routine. Read about why I switched to these safer products here, instead of the usual chemical cocktails from the days of yore.

Beautycounter’s Ingredient Selection Process ensures safer and cleaner products that work beautifully (less is more!). This rigorous process handpicks the best ingredients, such as hydrating shea nut, derived from shea fruit.

What’s not included?

Approximately 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals on Beautycounter’s “Never List” that are never used to formulate the products.


The whole shebang.


Beautycounter citrus mimosa body bar.


Beautycounter citrus mimosa hand cream.

Bella tin candle in Amber & Vetiver scent.

Beautycounter soothing face oil. (This stuff is the Grand Poobah mack daddy. Many of my clients have seen a difference in their skin in two days. Two. All you need is two drops on your fingers before bed. Bam!)


Beautycounter Sugar Body Scrub in lemongrass.

Beautycounter lip conditioner balm in calendula (also sold in peppermint!)

birthday_presents_grown_women3Clean eating cookbook: Gwyneth Paltrow “It’s all Easy.” I know ‘ole Gwen is a controversial figure, but my mother-in-law is a healthy, “green” eater, so throw me a bone.

Hardbound journal. I bought this in the store at Target but couldn’t find it online, but here is a similarly sweet one.

Starbucks coffee.

Honorable mention not originally included in this basket because I found out about these companies after I published this post: Fabletics workout clothes. This is an affordable athleisure brand that was co-founded by Kate Hudson targeted toward men and women of all shapes and sizes who are interested in fun, fashionable athletic wear. Now you don’t have to spend tons of money to look great at the gym. Another great gift idea is Knix Tanks & Tees: these work like tank tops with a built in bra. With great reviews, this T-shirt has your back by protecting your armpits! If you’re buying for someone who is super fashion-conscious, there are lots of sportswear fashion brands out there at the minute. One of my favourites is The Gym King, which sell some fantastic womens tracksuits and sports bras. No matter which brand you choose, sportswear is always a good gift!

What would you add to a gift basket for a loved one? Something that was suggested to me was to create an experience gift basket, for example, a movie night basket that contained a subscription to a streaming service, popcorn, hot chocolate and other snacks. I love this idea, you could even consider adding Custom Collage Blankets with photos of you and the recipient.

Some, but not all, of the links are affiliate links where I receive credit for the sale. My electric bill ain’t gonna pay for itself.


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    4 Comments on Gift Ideas: What Women Really Want

    1. Julie Borm
      September 23, 2016 at 8:14 am (6 years ago)

      Love all the items in this gift basket, and I am ready to try the face oil, especially as it gets colder up here in these parts 🙂

      • jenniferdaku
        September 25, 2016 at 7:10 pm (6 years ago)

        You will love it. It’s my favorite product of all of them. I recently started using the cleansing balm from the Countertime collection when it went on sale last week and like that as well.

    2. Kristine
      September 22, 2016 at 12:40 pm (6 years ago)

      I am a HUGE fan of making gift baskets for friends and family; whether it be for a birthday, housewarming or bridal shower, it’s super personalized. It shows that it’s the thought that counts and I really love putting all those thoughts into one basket.

      • jenniferdaku
        September 25, 2016 at 7:10 pm (6 years ago)

        Thanks, Kristine! I think so too!