Bachelorette Parties in Vegas when You’re a Mom and Over 30


As the self-proclaimed “head honcho” in the bridal party for my younger sister’s upcoming wedding, I had only one stipulation: that she could never refer to me as the “Matron of Honor.” I don’t care that I’ve been married for five years and have two kids, I don’t want to ever be referred to as a Matron. It’s geriatric, grotesque, and carries a connotation that makes me think of a lonely spinster, sitting in a rocking chair, holding a cat. Given that stipulation, I had to agree to accommodate her wishes of planning her bachelorette party in Vegas. “Oh hey… I have a full time job, two kids, a husband, and live on the opposite side of the country… THIS SHOULD BE EASY TO PLAN.” Well… with the help of her amazing friends and some eager-beaver club promoters, it was a BLAST. Who doesn’t immediately think of casinos when Las Vegas is mentioned? I know I sure do. I’ve never actually experienced a real casino, I’ve only ever used the online ones. I love it because it feels so much safer, especially with all the bonuses that can be used online from places like Anyway, I need to brush up somewhat on how all the various games worked and so I found resorting back to online casinos useful for doing this and getting some practice in before hitting the real casino floors. You can do the same by clicking here. Walking into one of Vegas’ wide selection of casinos armed with a little bit of online experience is sure to increase your enjoyment when you hit the table for real. If you’re in the process of planning one, don’t forget the party favors for bachelorettes! Here are some of the highlights.


Me and the Bride-to-Be.


The girls on Night 1 at Hakkasan for dinner.

Vegas4Steve Aoki was the guest DJ at Hakkasan night club… I never heard of him before, but apparently his trademark is to throw cakes in peoples’ faces. He switched to champagne.


The ladies on Night 2 at Blue Ribbon Sushi inside our hotel at The Cosmopolitan. This was after a wild day at Lavo for the Party Brunch. This is a must-do for any bachelorette party in Vegas.

If you ever want to feel like an incredible dancer, come dance next to me. After all, what happens in Vegas goes on the internet:


In terms of recommendations, the only place I wasn’t crazy about was Blue Ribbon Sushi. The waiter forgot about my wine order and the staff was slow. We were originally supposed to have dinner at Tao but switched our reservation when we arrived at the hotel at 6pm after brunch and didn’t want to trek back across the strip to The Venetian for dinner.

Another BIG bachelorette party recommendation is to not go to Vegas with a group of more than 8 people. We had 8 and were maxxed out in terms of filling the hotel rooms, being able to get reservations at a restaurant, getting taxis, and getting into the clubs. Adding even one more person to the mix would have complicated things. Eighteen people came to New Orleans for my bachelorette party and that was ten too many. Everyone ended up getting divided into groups (college friends, high school friends, law school friends, etc.), and because of the size, I couldn’t get to have “quality” time with very many of them. Lesson learned for my next bachelorette party (haha). When it came to hitting the casinos, it definitely paid off getting a bit of experience from the website, or one similar. I knew how to play most of the table games before I arrived!

What are your recommendations for Vegas? Do you have any favorite places?


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